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!st time sourdough starter = bread, rolls and pizza - Oh My!

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!st time sourdough starter = bread, rolls and pizza - Oh My!

Thank you everyone for all your advice.  Here're the results so far from my first starter-I hope this isn't too long--

This is a sandwich loaf that I adapted from one I occasionally make.


 These are oatmeal sourdough rolls - slightly sweet with honey and molasses.

  sourdough oatmeal rolls

 This is Sourdolady's Deluxe Sourdough.  I did something wrong- it was slightly rubbery, maybe partly because the starter was very high in rye? Also, I have no idea how to slash the loaf properly.

 The loaf behind it is challah I have been making for at least 15 years, but I rarely braid it- it looks ok.

 deluxe sourdough and challah

  Cross section of the Deluxe.

sourdough  - crosssection

We made sourdough pizza from

My 5 year old daughter helped make them and had a great time. All the kids loved the pizza and said it was the best we've made!

 sourdough pizza

 Thank you again- this is a blast!  I've fed the starter and it is likely to be used agin in the next day or so.-- Marni

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That's an amazing series of breads. Congratulations. Nice job across the board there, and it looks like you had a lot of fun, too. You must be tired! It's great to see the starter is working.


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Marni, very yummy looking!!!!!!!!!  I just love seeing everyone's pictures.  I really need to figure out how to do pictures.  Terry

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All your breads look super! Where do you get all your energy? Please don't tell me you did all that in one day! Isn't the taste incredible after being used to commercial yeast breads?

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Alright, Marni! Is from your problem starter that was gelatinous? Good job!

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I really appreciate all the support here!

A few disclaimers- I baked the these over a four or five day period- I just have no idea how to get the pictures off the camera and on to this site; my husband helped last night, so all the pics got posted at once.

Sourdolady- thank you again- do you think the water instead of milk might have made it tough/rubbery?  It also didn't rise much.  I'll try again.  Yes, the taste is great!  I want to try sourdough pancakes and the chocolate cake.

bnb- I wasn't very clear- this was my first starter that worked! (No.3 actually) I have split it now and have a rye and an almost all white. 

I'm planning to bake more rolls today- they are going to some friends with blueberry jam I just finished. Great combination!

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Nice job..looks like you're hooked and will be with us for a long time!! Wait till you try the pancakes or better yet waffles! Keep us posted.

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Wow, you really went wild! It's so much fun, isn't it? Your breads and rolls and pizza all look delicious. I hope you made enough for everyone. :)



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That's an impressive and lovely group of delicious looking baked items.  Very nice.

Howard - St. Augustine, FL