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Yeast from ginger?

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Janet Yang

Yeast from ginger?

I've started brewing kombucha (another sheltering-in-place activity). When it's ready for bottling, I add flavoring, sometimes a little sugar syrup, then leave the sealed bottles at room temp for a couple of days so it gets fizzy.

Whenever ginger is one of the flavorings, it makes a lot more fizz. 

Any idea why this would happen? Is there any wild yeast on ginger skin?

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I assume there is more wild yeast trapped in the wrinkly skin of ginger than let's say a grape. I know that when I add any citrus (lemon, lime, orange) to my kombucha, I get a lot more fizz too...maybe there are same or similar compounds. Maybe it has something to do with the fibers (essentially sugars).
More important is that your bottles don't explode and you know which ingredient has which effect.