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Trying to avoid the summer heat while baking - using my grill

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Trying to avoid the summer heat while baking - using my grill

I bake two loaves about every 4-5 days. Not only does that heat up the kitchen it really throws the whole house off in summer especially because our thermostat is just outside the kitchen, so if the kitchen gets hot, it kicks on the AC for the whole house which is not ideal.

This is the third time I'm making my 50/50 sourdough bread on my weber genesis gas grill. I think I almost have it right. Loaf one I was doing over indirect heat, so the bottom of the crust didn't get quite as crisp as I like it, but close. The second loaf I think I had the lid off the bread for about 2-3 minutes too long, but it's not burned and the bottom is perfect. I think my big mistake is that I scored too deeply as it went out instead of up, but it tastes perfect.

So, my set up is the same as how I'm doing pizza on the grill which is to have a baking steel and then a PizzaQue unit which has a stone and then my cloche. I wish I could fit both loaves in at the same time to save on fuel, but I can't manage that yet. I'm wondering if I get the oblong spun steel cloche if that would work. I have an oblong baking pan with lid, but it's too big to fit it and the cloche in at the same time on the Pizzaque. Without the PizzaQue, yes, but then I burned my bread last time doing it that way, so nope!

Here are a bunch of photos. The first photo is from another bake, but it shows my set up (though this time without making pizza at the same time).

Proofed and ready to go on the grill. Fingers are crossed.

They are done - the one is a little dark (as said above) and the other is a little light, but they are both fine.

I think I slashed them too deep as they went out instead of up, but they are delicious and the crumb looks perfect to me. This is very high hydration, so I haven't gotten the slashing perfected, but the bread is pretty good for the grill - at least the best of three I've gotten so far.