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Window of opportunity around very active starter

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Window of opportunity around very active starter

Hi all - pretty newbie SD learner here.

Have messed around for a few weeks now, and managed to keep a starter going.

In the UK, and last week was pretty warm, and my starter overflowed it's jar. So I put it in the fridge and pulled it out yesterday. It was grey with a layer of hooch, but I took 100g and fed it 1:1:1.


A few hours later it had doubled in size and looked very active.


Today it's fallen back down.


My Q is at what stage is it best to use it to bake ? As it's at it's maximum (i.e. yesterday ?). Or will it be OK as is today ? Or should I feed it again and use it when it's visibly active ?


Using regular wholemeal flour.

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Best used at it’s maximum. Common consensus is an over ripe starter will contain lots of acids, but the yeast will be weakened.