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Starters & Flour Power

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Starters & Flour Power

Yesterday 75% King Arthur All Purpose, 20% Bob’s Red Mill WW Pastry Flour, and 5% Whole Rye was autolysed with 68% water. The gluten was too tight for the desired bread so it was not used and set aside for 24 hours (Room Temp 74F). 24 hours later the dough was slightly airy. Upon closer observation gluten strands appeared aerated.

Debra Wink is confident that kitchens used to bake sourdough on a regular basis is a breeding ground for microbes.   It is difficult for me to believe that these microbes are air borne, but I could be wrong as I frequently am. It is easier to believe that the microbes are left on spatulas, bowls, and other such things. As of late, starters made in my kitchen spawn in several days.