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Shaping Sourdough Batards

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Grant Bakes

Shaping Sourdough Batards

Hey bakers,

Over the last year or so of bread making I have seen MANY ways to shape batards (which seem to be really popular in the sourdough world). They really used to give me a lot of trouble. But I recently started shaping them a certain way that has made the loaves turn out perfectly almost every time. It works really well for getting an ear on the loaf too. I believe I learned this method from the FoodGeek channel on YouTube, but I know I've seen it elsewhere as well.

I made a video of my shaping method in case anyone is interested in watching it. Basically...

- Preshape into a boule

- Bench Rest 30 min

- Shape into an oval by doing a letter fold, then rolling the dough over itself

Lastly, tuck each "end flap" under the bottom of the loaf


This is definitely a mid-range loaf as far as hydration (72%). Does anyone have any specific ways that they would recommend shaping high-hydration loaves (above 80%)? Thanks in advance for sharing.