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Tartine Baguettes

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Tartine Baguettes

Hello all,

this is my first post here, though I've lurked and looked for ideas quite a bit, previously.

Has anyone tried the Tartine Baguette from the first Tartine book? I'm pretty happy with my Tartine country loaf, but have had a miserable time with the baguette.

Basically, the dough never comes together. It behaves the way that the country loaf does after the first stretch and fold: lumpy, not one consistent mass, and is very gassy, but not very extensible. It's not that it's wetter than the country loaf (it's not)... it's just, there's nothing there. It's not a dough. There's nothing to shape.

I'm wondering if perhaps there's just too much yeast; the dough is rising so quickly it feels like there's no time for the gluten to every relax. There's lots of gluten, just not a unified set of sheets. Or, perhaps, that the polish should be in the fridge immediately.

In any case, i'm curious as to others' experiences.