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Loaves don't keep shape

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Loaves don't keep shape

Until recently, I made loaves with approximately 60% hydration. I did that because the dough was easier to work with, but obviously it made for a denser crumb. 

Over the last few weeks I've increased the hydration to 70% to get a better crumb, but I can't get my dough to hold its shape. I've watched every damn video I can find on YouTube about shaping and working higher hydration and nothing works. It feels like my seams won't stick, no matter how I stick them (or the top just oozes apart- I'm not sure why it doesn't make a neat little ball). They always end up being a step away from a pancake. The photo is today's loaf.  

For my birthday, my wife bought me a stand mixer, so I haven't been mixing by hand. I make sure to knead afterward and have a 15 minute period of autolyzation before adding salt.

I would be most grateful for any tips beyond the most basic (or how to do the basics better).

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Can you give us your recipe and process? 70% is usually a good hydration to manage.

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Does your dough pass the windowpane test?

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Mini Oven

would also be helpful.  Right now it looks like it is too big and/ or shallow for the amount of dough. :)

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I’ve had the same problem.  Now, I put a round see-through plastic container over the dough, which the dough “climbs” up as it rises.  Also kneading, bread flour, and fast acting yeast helped me a lot to keep the rounder.