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A Texas Sourdough

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A Texas Sourdough

After a recent disappointment with a cheese bread, I got back on the horse again and this one turned out much better. Great crust and flavor. Fairly even, open and glossy crumb. 

I fed the starter in the morning and did a 3 hour autolyse while the starter came to life

The color gradient across the loaf indicates a continual spring/bloom of the loaf throughout the bake from my scoring. I've never had it that apparent before.


64g Water (100.0%) 64g Bread Flour (100.0%)


500g Bread Flour (79.4%)

110g WW Flour (15.9%)

407g Water (64.6%)

20g Whole Grain Rye Flour (4.8%) 

13g salt (2.1%)

5 stretch and Folds during a 4 hour bulk

16 hours cold retard

Dutch Oven bake at 525 for 20 minutes with the lid on. Lowered temp to 400 and finished up with an 18 minute final bake with the lid off.

Left in the open oven for 20 minutes and cut after 4 hours.


Dough weight: 1179g

Pre-fermented flour: 64g (9.2%)

Flour: 694g

Fluid: 472g

Salt: 13g (1.9%)

Dough hydration: 68.0%