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A Sourdough Cheese Bread

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A Sourdough Cheese Bread

I just pulled a sourdough pepper jack cheese bread from the oven. It's on the rack cooling now. Some of the cheese bubbled out during the bake, but it looks far. Once it cools I'll add a photo of the crumb.

The mix as follows:


64g Water (100.0%)

64g WW Flour (100.0%)


500g Bread Flour (79.4%)

100g WW Flour (15.9%)

407g Water (64.6%)

13g salt (2.1%)

30g Rye Flour (4.8%)

Totals Dough weight:  1178g

Pre-fermented flour:  64g (9.2%) Flour: 

694g Fluid:  471g Salt:  13g (1.9%)

Dough hydration:  67.9%

2 hour autolyse

4 hour bulk with 5 fold sets

14 hour cold proof.



drainaps's picture

Looks beautiful indeed. I'd love to see a crumb shot if that's possible. 

I have a question too, how much cheese did you use? Diced? Grated? Thanks again for sharing. 

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You are talking my language! That sounds delicious.

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That looks much more successful than my attempt at a cheese bread.  How small did you cut/grate your cheese?  I cut my cheese into chunks that were too large retrospectively.


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I cut the cheese into 12 1/2" chunks.(about 4 oz.) The cheese mostly melted and left square holes! Unfortunately the outside looked much better than the inside. The crumb was "spongy" and kind of dense. Although I got great oven spring maybe I underproofed, or the melted cheese affected the crumb? It also could be the mass of the cheese prevent good hole formation adjacent to the chunks. Too much resistance?

Back to the drawing board.

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I had very similar issues with the crumb on my smoked cheddar cheese bread.  If I were to bake with cheese again, I would cut the pieces up much smaller or possibly grate the cheese.  Live and learn with each bake.