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Adventures in Sourdough - Round 2

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Adventures in Sourdough - Round 2


Thanks again for the advice I've received so far. I've taken it onboard and today was my second attempt at Jim Lahey's Pano Bianca.

To recap, it is a 70% hydration dough that bulk ferments (recommended timing 8-18 hours) and is then shaped, given a final prove (recommended timing 1-3 hours) and then bakes in a dutch oven for 40 mins at 230C

As the feedback I got on my first attempt was that the loaf may have been underproofed, this time I allowed 16 hours for the bulk fermentation and 3 hours for the final prove (room temperature was 21C).

This is the dough after that 16 hours

Overall, I think the bread looks a bit better and I enjoyed the effect I got from the banneton. However, I don't think I got enough oven rise. The loaf looks more like a crescent than a ball and I'd like to try and work that out for the next loaf!

Has anyone got any ideas/comments? As ever, all feedback appreciated.




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The crumb looks good, it seems you did a good job judging the bulk proof and the final proof. The relatively flat shape is very common with a high hydration loaf but you can improve it by working on your shaping skills.

Do you like the taste? Do you like the texture?

Next time cut all the way through to show the crumb so we can see the fermentation at the bottom of the loaf.

Congrats on some nice looking bread.

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Is it worth me maybe trying a slightly lower hydration then - say 65%? Would that impact on the fermentation and proving times?

I definitely need to keep practising my shaping. I can get the dough into a ball, but i struggle to keep it taut when picking it up and putting it in the banneton. Any ideas?

I cut a cross section from the middle of the loaf - is that what you meant?

Thanks for your help!


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Hopefully this is a better photo of the cross section

First slice