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75% hydration dough spreads after final proof

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75% hydration dough spreads after final proof

Hi there,

I have been making bread for a while and in general have good success. It took me a while to get there with sourdough but again no problems with my regular recipe these days (around 67-69%). It's when I push the hydration that I start to have problems (currently trying 75%).

When I tip it out of the banneton it spreads quite quickly and when I slash it the slashes spread rather than turning into "ears". It feels to me like the dough isn't strong enough perhaps? I would otherwise guess over proofing but I'm not sure it would hold the shape better if stopped the proof earlier. See pics below - both from the same batch of dough today. 

I autolyse, do plenty of stretch and folds, and it feels to me like it is shaped reasonably well when putting into the banneton. My boule is definitely better/tighter than my batard on the shaping front.

I'm not sure what else I could be doing to help give it strength. The bread comes out fine (see pics) but I'd like it to be better. I have had success with a dutch oven/casserole but this spreads too wide to fit in the one I have. Does this look over proofed do you think? I proofed for around 3 1/2 hours. Bulk fermentation was 4 hours.

Any guidance would be much appreciated.