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New Videos from King Arthur

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New Videos from King Arthur

Below is an excerpt from the King Arthur website. Many of us are staying home and these videos are an excellent investment of your baking time.  What a rare opportunity to watch the Masters in a home-like environment. 


YouTube provides more control over viewing. You have the option to speed or slow the video speed.
Jeffrey Hamelman - Isolation Baking
Martin Philip Bakes at Home
Baking for Good

We’ve also directed more time and energy towards developing free educational resources in our social media channels. From our approachable and uplifting father + son baking series Martin Bakes at Home, to our instructional kid-focused Bake for Good videos, to our weekly Facebook Live Isolation Baking Show with accomplished bakers Jeffrey Hamelman and Gesine Bullock-Prado, along with running Q&As, publishing new recipes, and increasing our blog posting frequency, we seek to provide for an especially urgent combination of needs: no-cost, quality baking education and recipes, and places where people can feed their yearning for community in a setting that’s friendly, uplifting, and supportive.”

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I saw the one the other day when Jeffrey said "The dough rises in the yeast and sets in the waist" 

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Our Crumb

Thanks for posting Danny.  These are cute, at least the few minutes that I've screened so far on 2x speed w/subtitles. 

Looks like Chef Jeff needs a haircut as much as I do.


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I start watching and and stopt when I had to pull my bread from the oven I find them very well done. 

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Thanks for sharing Danny, nice to have some baking related videos to watch.  Stay well.


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It is incredible to watch Jeffrey braid Challah bread so many ways. To watch decades of experience is intriguing.

HERE He does his famous Five-Grain Bread.