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A tip for warming dough

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A tip for warming dough

Water conduct heat much faster than air so this arrangement enables a quick change of temperature. You can use it to warm dough or starter that was stored in the fridge, to adjust dough’s temperature after mixing and so on. You do not want to cook the dough, so water temperature should be below  35C (95F) and you may need to replace the water once or twice.

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Also I sometimes wonder if you could use the microwave to warm dough - or is there a risk of the microwaves zapping the yeast/lactics?


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Great idea Dan, water of course has a much heat capacitance than air os it will work really well.


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Love this idea!  It will definitely come in handy if my rested starters need a quick pick-me-up or just in general during the cooler months.  We're supposed to hit 80F here this weekend, so I probably won't need it for this weekend's bakes, but definitely tucking this idea away for when I need things a little warmer in the kitchen.  Thanks for sharing!

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I wish I'd thought of this one - simple and effective!