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This month's breads

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This month's breads

A TFL member sent me  a kind inquiry as to my welfare, since I hadn't posted any recent baking. Well, I am fine, thank you, except for some cabin fever. I feel great and not particularly vulnerable, considering my .... seniority. My hyper-prudent spouse is suppressing my daily urges to expose myself to nasty bugs, no doubt a good thing. <sigh>

I have been baking - probably a little more than usual, in fact. And I have tried a couple of new things. The photos are all from the past 3 weeks' baking.

San Joaquin Sourdough Baguettes

A multigrain sourdough with mixed seeds on the crust

Peter Reinhart's 100% Whole Wheat Bread

Ken Forkish's White Flour Warm-Spot Levain

I apologize for any concern engendered by my lack of posting here. I hope you will find today's contribution better latte than never.

Happy baking, and stay safe and healthy!



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Our Crumb

Great to hear and see it Dr S.  Fine looking products as always.

Our Good Guv Gav is playing it careful, which sure works for us.  Don't you go "exposing yourself to nasty bugs" other than lactobacilli.  No time for exhibitionism.

Stay Safe and Happy Baking,


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Wonderful baking Dr. Snyder.  Stay safe and well.


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Those sourdough baguettes look especially inviting! Baking has been a great pastime... I agree. I need to make a baking bucket list