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Jupiter flour

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Jupiter flour

The local Safeway bakery was selling their flour to consumers -- 20kg bags of "Jupiter" flour from P&H Milling -- but there's no nutritional information on the packaging and I can't find anything on the internet. I emailed the company, but didn't receive a response. Any commercial bakers here that can help me out with the type of flour it is and protein content?


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Could you transcribe and post all the text and the part number from the bag?  That might give clues.

Or post a pic if all the text and part # is legible in the pic.

A search on "Jupiter flour" just turned up cake flour in Ireland, from a different company.


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Here's a distributor of P&H Jupiter flour.

They are one step down the chain from the commercial miller, so you may have better luck in getting an email response from them.

 It appears that "Alberta" or "Alberta 75" was the name of the flour, when it was made by Ellison before Ellison was merged with P&H.

Being under the category "Flour - White Hard", implies it is intended for bread.  The category also contains "strong flour" and "all purpose flour"

Hope that helps.

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I'd like to confirm that this is bread flour, after searching the internet and getting quite smug refusals for information from resellers, I decided to go out and buy this bag of 20kg mystery flour for $16. Yesterday I made dinner rolls from it and it rose very nicely. I think most Canadian bread flours are 13% protein content.

Happy baking.

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Close by my home nearby Safeway sells it out. It is a powder made from grain, particularly wheat, utilized for making bread, cakes, pasta, baked goods, and so forth Despite the fact that there are numerous kinds of flour all can be utilized for various purposes. The neighborhood Safeway bread kitchen was offering their flour to customers - 20kg packs of "Jupiter" flour. On the off chance that you discovered it down quality can return back as Safeway Return takes everything.