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New York City Street Food.

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New York City Street Food.

The formula for this bake is based on Hamelman's Vermont sourdough, scaled to yield 3 Baguettes at 400 grams. The modus operandi, is as follows. 

The day before:

12:00 PM - Levain build #1

  6:00 PM - Levain build #2

The day of:

5:00 AM - 1 Hour fermntolyse (Flour, Water and Levain)

6:00 AM - Add in the salt, spin in the Bosch mixer ( 5 Minutes # 2) Rest in the Bosch bowl covered for 5 Minutes.

6:05 AM - Spin for 5 Minutes more at #2

6:10 AM - Move the now cohesive/elastic (yet sticky) dough ball to the straight sided, oiled fermenting container. Allow the dough ball to ferment at room temperature, until doubled in volume. (2Hrs. with one set stretch/fold at 45 min.)

8:10 AM - Move the dough, still in the container to the refrigerator for the retard.

9:10 AM - Turn the dough ball out and scale to 1 600G and two 300G balls. On a lightly floured work bench, shape 2 300G Baguettes and 1 600G boule. Cover the loafs and return to the refrigerator for cold proof. 

2:00 PM - Pre heat the oven to 500F. at 2:30 PM add a steam source. (The baguettes did not seem well proofed at this point.) I moved them to the now warm kitchen to accelerate the proof. The boule looked fine and stayed in the refrigerator. 

3:00 PM - Lower oven temp. to 450F.Slash/sprits and bake the baguettes. Set to cool.

3:25 PM - Slash/sprits and bake the boule straight from the refrigerator. Set to cool. 

The goal was to have fresh, cooled baguettes for dinner. I love it when a bake works like clock work! (More or less)

NYC street food for dinner. Let's over complicate sausage and peppers, with homemade baguettes and a boule just for fun!
1. The pre-shape
2. The final shapes
3. Now for a long slow cold ferment, shooting for a 3:30 PM bake.
4. Two bats and one ball, out of the oven.
5. Phase two of the "Street Food" bake. Getting down to the meat of the matter!



 food and indoor

Final Shapes


Self explanatory


The meat of the matter


Add some color


Obligatory crumb shot


The culmination of a well planned bake.



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Will that looks awesome!!  Did you make enough for me?