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Advice / Recipe suggestions - Gluten Free and Wheat Bread

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Advice / Recipe suggestions - Gluten Free and Wheat Bread

Hello, I'm trying to reduce the amount of wheat flour in my bread - for health reason and not because that I have gluten intolerance. (Question 1) Anyone had any luck in mixing wheat flour (All Purpose / Wheat / Whole Wheat / Bread Flour) with Gluten Free Flour (Rice/Buckwheat, etc) in your bread recipe? Can you please share your recipe or any variations of Wheat:Gluten free bread?


I tried successfully making white bread, using approximately 80%/20% ratio of bread flour: gluten free flour and it tasted really nice, except that bread is still dense. I used about 2.5C of bread flour and 1/2C of gluten free flour.

(Question 2) Can i do 50:50 or higher ratio of Gluten Free flour? Perhaps 1.5C of bread flour and 1.5C of gluten free flour? Need advice!


a. LOVE bread. can eat it everyday/every meal

b. Gaining too much weight! Need to cut down wheat, doesn't always make me feel good. Rice is a good substitute and trying to see if this would improve my health.



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Hi Roti,

The yeast isn't going to react with the the gluten-free flour, so the more gluten-free ingredients you use, the more dense your bread will be.

Switching one type of carbohydrate for another (wheat flour for rice flour) won't make you lose weight... You would be better off increasing the amount of fibre in your bread.

If you really want to continue mixing more gluten-free carbohydrates into your bread, you will have to add a rising agent to it just before cooking, which does not really work with the yeast/wheat portion of your bread.  I would suggest you try making a pure gluten-free bread and see if you like it.