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Why am I getting big air bubbles in my hamburger buns?

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Why am I getting big air bubbles in my hamburger buns?

Recipe for 4 hamburger buns is

Flour 220 g (All purpose enriched with iron and folic acid ,10% protein, which is the only kind I can get in Brazil)

Warm water about 130-140 ml

Instant yeast 3/4 tsp

Sugar 1 1/2 tbsp

Salt 1tsp

Oil 20ml

I Mix all dry parts, add oil

Then I knead it and leave it to rest for 20min before cutting and shaping into buns.

My problem is I'm getting big air bubbles just under the crust and they grow even more after i brush the buns with milk.

I tried bulk fermenting for longer, using less yeast (I was using a full tsp), using cold water, but I still get bubbles. I'm so frustrated I'm almost giving up.

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Means your dough is nice and alive. Just pop them and carry on. 

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Your recipe amounts seem good. After mixing the ingredients how long do you knead it for. 5-10 minutes seems good. I would let it bulk rise longer than 20 min. Most recipes I've used did 30-60-90 min rise. Often they say until the dough has doubled in size. Then punch the dough down (this deflates the large bubbles) devide the dough & shape your buns. Then let them rise/rest 20 to 30 minutes and bake. Again they say until they rise almost double in size.

Bulk rise followed by punching the dough down before shaping should help you get a finer crumb ie smaller bubbles.

Good luck!


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I already tried letting it proof for longer and i always punch the dough down as well as I can.

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If you don't degas dough well enough, when you start rolling it remaining bubbles travel up, connect, and end up right under the skin.  Take a toothpick and pop them.