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100% or 166% starter

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100% or 166% starter

Hi. I'm not new to sourdough, but I've not baked with it in over 10 years. Last time I developed and kept sourdough, it was 100% hydration starter. And, all my recipes were based off that.

Ten years later, I've lost all those recipes and I'm starting to feel the urge to start again. The question is, should I do a 100% hydration starter (by weight) or do a 166% hydration starter (by volume). I'll have to use all new recipes - have a few from this forum and from KA's website that I want to try. However, most recipes don't specify which type of starter they're using.

What's most common starter used in readily-available recipes?

Do you have a preference as to which typer of starter to use?

I know ultimately it doesn't matter, as I can always do the math to adjust the recipes to either starter. But, I'm curious as to what y'all think. 

Hope everyone is staying safe and sane. 


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Mini Oven

like to use.  Start with 100% by weight and go from there.

 I rarely measure the starter feeds any more going by rough measurements keeping my mother a little thicker than 100%.  I mix flour and water to a consistency I like but build for recipes according to weight and temp.  I find a firm starter stronger in yeast population and survives my abuse.  

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Thanks for your feeback. I'm starting to think it will be 100% for me too. :-)