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backup copy of fry bread recipe.

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backup copy of fry bread recipe.


American Indian fry bread.

Reproduced here in case the original web site goes away.



Frybread recipe


!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE  GREATEST FRY BREAD MIX IN THE WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Courtsey of Mona Cliff--Nez Perce/Assiniboine

Makes fry bread for about 10 people. You can add or subtract cups depending on number in your company; adjust other ingredients as necessary.

4           cups of all purpose flour
1           teaspoon of baking powder per cup
1/2        teaspoon  sugar per cup
1/2        teaspoon  salt  per cup

*           powdered milk (easier to use)
             If you use regular milk, mix with water about 1/2 cup (so  you'll have 1/2 milk, 1 1/2cup water)

2           cups of water
             pan with a least 1 inch deep vegetable oil (or other oils). Enough to fry bread, enit?

Start with flour in large bowl. 

* Pour powdered milk in an even thin layer over all of flour.

Add other dry ingredients. Mix dry ingredients well.

Now push to side of the bowl, add 2 cups of water (or milk/water), stir until you have a good looking dough.

Cover and let rise for 1/2 of an hour or more. Dough should rise back if you touch it.

While dough is rising, heat oil between medium high and high. It takes a while so be patient. To test oil break off a a little ball of dough and drop into oil, dough should rise fairly quickly, then brown at a nice pace.

If oil is  ready, flour your hands, break of a golf ball size of dough, stretch to desired thickness, put a little  hole in the middle and fry till bread is golden brown.  

Tips my grandma taught me ( and a winkte from Nevada)

1.   Never add water while in the process of  mixing ( your bread will come out tough):  instead when you add your water  add a little  more water than you need ( so add 2 1/4 cups of water)  then while mixing ADD flour to get your dough just right.

2.   When mixing dough don't stir & stir & stir, instead stir until most  of dry ingredients look doughy then put spoon to the side and fold the bottom of bread to the top, if your dough is still too wet, sprinkle some flour over wet dough pat it in, and fold over again till your dough is uuuhhh nice and doughy (consistency of pizza dough or pre-baked bread).  I only make the stuff,  I' ve never explained it before.

3. When you are frying the bread don't use too much flour on your hands, the flour settles on the bottom of the pan. When you cook for long periods of time your flour could burn thus making your bread taste bad.

4. Don't turn bread in the pan too much it stirs up all the flour in the bottom, like the bottom of a lake.

5. When browning the bread, turn it over when the edges in the middle and the side are nice and brown.

6. You'll know your oil is too hot if you just put your dough in and it comes out dark brown in 3 seconds . Turn your stove down, wait for awhile and throw a tester in there again till the oil is right, if oil is too cold your dough will not rise to the top and if it takes longer than 10 seconds to brown turn it up, so on and so forth. These are not precise times, you'll have to wing it till you try a couple of times, get some feed back from some real fry bread eaters then get at it on your own. Enjoy.