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Good grief Charlie Brown! Bagels?!?

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Beverly the Inspired

Good grief Charlie Brown! Bagels?!?

If you remember Charlie Brown’s spelling bee championship finale *grin*.

Been creating & playing with a basic GF sourdough dough recipe past two weeks. It’s been “thinned down” for English muffins, formed into mini loaves, & rolled out for cinnamon sugar rolls. DH has requested bagels.

Not sure if this recipe will hold up to the water bath then baking. I’ve only ever made wheat flour bagels & going blind. Greatly appreciate any insight & wisdom. Thanks!


62-g tepid Water

1-T Sorghum Syrup

Pinch Active Dry Yeast

100-g Rice Flour


450-g ripened Buckwheat Sourdough


150-g Cassava Flour

222-g Buckwheat Flour

44-g Psyllium Powder

24-g Buttermilk Powder

16-g Grey Sea Salt


590/600-g Water