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what bread to make

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what bread to make

Hey all,

Im traveling on a week long surfing trip and my friends would love for me to make them bread.  What recipe can you recommend that's easy peasy without too much fuss.  I dont know the oven and I dont want to bring all my gear.  


Thank you in advance for your advice and help :)) 



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Can't get any easier or peasier than flatbread.  IE, no second rise.

Here's an easy recipe for pizza crust:

Here's the absolutest simplest 50% whole wheat formula I've found:

His main channel page:

He's the guy who got me into long-ferment no-knead bread.

BTW, if you need a mixing bowl or baking vessel on the trip, stop at a Goodwill or thrift store and get cheap stuff, maybe even a covered round glass/ceramic casserole dish to bake in.   (Don't preheat shatterable glass, as the cold dough hitting a hot dish may break it.  But I have not had bad experience with room temp dough on hot borosilicate/Pyrex glass casserole.)


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thank you for the advice!!