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Wolf Oven - spritzing the oven cavity will damage the what?

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Wolf Oven - spritzing the oven cavity will damage the what?

Hey all - 

I've been off the forum for several years and I'm just now getting the bug to bake some breads again.  I have a Wolf dual-fuel range with electric oven and blue porcelain interior.  The wolf website has the following:

Spritzing Bread During Bake


Can the oven be sprayed with water during baking?

Can food be spritzed with water while baking?


The Wolf Test Kitchen suggests bread should be lightly spritzed (one or two pumps) per recipe directions, about once every 10-15 minutes through out the baking process. Spritz the food, not the oven.

Please note that spritzing the oven cavity will damage the porcelain interior finish of the oven.

Thoughts? Is spritzing the loaf itself a good idea?  I know others use pans of water in the oven.  Just wondering what some of the methods you use are and how successful they are.

Thanks - Ken

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It seems a little strange they say you shouldn't spritz water into the oven. I don't see any difference from water releasing from food and setting on the oven walls...and the difference between evaporating water (100°C) and oven wall temperature (180-200°C) shouldn't cause anything, otherwise it's a quite shitty finish.

Other methods are baking in a Dutch oven or a pan of water on the bottom. I like to pour some water straight on the hot oven bottom so it immediately evaporates...that's already enough.

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long long history of lawsuits and the faulty interior of Wolf ovens. They are terrible and don't hold up at all . The fact that yours is still intact indicates that you should be glad and definitely not tempt fate by possibly causing a problem. You are lucky and when you do decide to get a new oven don't get another Wolf. My friend in Seattle ended up after two of them being replaced by the company getting another brand with her refund but it was years of wrangling. Not worth it !!  

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Thermal shock. That, and fused glass... it’s a very predictable result based in unchangaabke physics. 

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Ken - So, how is your wolf doing now? It has been over a year since your post.  I am doing a full kitchen remodel and need a professional 36" range, I was leaning hard toward the wolf, but after reading about this problem, it is terrifying.  So, let me know how this is working for you!  Thanks.