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Adding vital wheat gluten to spelt

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Adding vital wheat gluten to spelt

Has anyone worked with spelt and added vital wheat gluten to strengthen it ?

How much water can you push to what percentage of added gluten?

I am trying to make 17%+ gluten flour by  adding vital wheat gluten to a flour which is already high in gliadin. 

Would this even work ?

My final goal is to go an extremely rich bread  with this flour. 

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Just in case you missed it, the comments on this thread:

contain some links to fantastic-looking spelt loaves.

Those comments have inspired me to revisit whole spelt.  So please keep TFL informed of your efforts with spelt and VWG.

TFL seems a great source of info for ancient and specialty grains. 

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is the amount I always add to my dough. The dough I work with is often 100% whole grain, composed of a mix of freshly milled wheat, spelt, rye, kamut, durum, emmer, quinoa, einkorn etc. Moreover, 30-50% of them are sprouted. VWG does a decent job strengthening the dough.

Learnt from dabrownman and from my own experience, whole spelt can take up to 83% water. The hydration depends on a lot of factor though, so it can only be taken as a reference.  

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Awesome thank you both.