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Advice on my canele results and various types of molds.

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Advice on my canele results and various types of molds.


        I am a longtime Francophile/France traveler and have been enjoying canele for years but have only recently taken back up the mantle of cooking my own caneles. I am using Leuke silicone molds (from Spain/Amazon) and get decent results but not perfect.

   Generally I am quite happy with the interior, cakey/custardy, all of that good stuff. The exteriors however are a bit of a challenge. The walls are a bit thin, not evenly caramelized from top to bottom and tend to lean and cave in a little on one side.

     My recipe is a mash up of several I have used. Typical ingredients and proportions. Whole milk,eggs,ap flour,rum,butter,vanilla,sugar. Bake in my 8 mold cavity silicone sheets for 15 minutes at 460 and then 60 minutes at 375. I use only room temp butter to grease the molds with.I've used the whole beeswax/butter deal in the distance past and don't remember any hugely different results from using just butter. I place my silicone mold/trays on a sheet pan and on a rack on the bottom third of my oven. My questions are as follows:


1) Why do I have uneven baked tone from top to bottom?

2) Why do most of my caneles have a dent/lean/tilt one one side of the mid section?

Are both of these issues simply a function of not using metal molds? I'm not willing to spring for aluminum or copper individual molds but have seen some rigid metal/silicone trays for sale on Amazon I am curious if anyone has used.

All this said, I, my son and all my neighbors really enjoy the results I am getting. I just know from visits to France what they could/should? look like and what the crust should be like. Thanks in advance for any ideas people may have.




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I have the metal pan in the Amazon link you posted above.  It works great and surely better than anything silicone.  Well worth the money. Guessing he tilt is from uneven heat, as the darker side appears to be straight and the lighter side leading inward?  Looks great otherwise. Yum.