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Second proof problem

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Second proof problem

I was making James Morton's Advanced White Bread from his Brilliant Bread book.  It has 425g flour and 150g starter.  As suggested, I put the dough in the fridge after the first proof, but when I took it out and shaped it, it didn't rise very much after 4 hours, when the recipe said this second proof should be about an hour.  

I imagined it would take longer than the hour due to the coldness of the dough, but I had to give up on it in the end!

I'd appreciate any feedback on this issue.

Many thanks.

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Mini Oven

"... I had to give up on it in the end!"

sounds like it needed more time.  Hope it didn't end up in the trash.  

Taste the dough and make notes.  (Spit it out). 

You can save it in several ways but if you are impatient, mix up 3 teaspoons (7g) dry instant yeast with a tablespoon or two of warmish water to make a loose paste goop (like mustard or catsup.)  Spread this over the spread out flat dough (looking like a pizza) roll it up and knead in yeast to distribute well.  At first it may be a slippery mass but within a short time it will come together.  It also gives you a chance to feel the cold dough and warm it up a bit with your hands.  Shape and allow to proof in a draft free warm spot, score then bake.

Other "saves" will depend on the dough taste and dough temperature.  Eventually the starter (age and maintenance) and recipe details.