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Thanksgiving inspired bread

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Esopus Spitzenburg

Thanksgiving inspired bread

I haven't posted any breads on here for a long time because I haven't felt like I've baked anything different enough to be worth posting. Nonetheless, I still enjoy looking at the site every once in a while, and especially seeing people's blogs about their recent bakes.

This boule is a mix of two doughs (that I also baked separately).
The purple dough was made up of this (+salt @ around 2% of flour + potato):


High gluten flour400
Whole spelt flour100
Sourdough starter @ 75%105
Purple Sweet Potato350

The other dough is also sourdough, with something like 300g high gluten flour and 200g corn meal, + 100g pumpkin seeds.

I had tried making purple breads in the past using beets, but the color really faded during the baking process. I'm very happy with the color (and flavor) of the purple sweet potato bread. I roasted some extra purple SPs, and found them very dry to eat as a veggie. For me at least, they will stay as a bread ingredient, and not as a side dish.

Overall, I was very happy with this bread: it tasted great, and the color contrast was quite nice.

The whole boule:


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that's a really great looking loaf! I'm sure it tasted lovely as well. 

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Mini Oven

to get two doughs to rise with the same timing.  They worked well together.  Love the contrast!