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Increasing yeasty flavor

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Increasing yeasty flavor

So I LOVE that yeasty tang I get with home-made bread and want to increase that flavor in my loaves. I have always been using the rapid rise yeast packets (1 per loaf) and am thinking of switching for a different yeast to get the desired flavor. I don't mind waiting longer for the bread to rise but what kind of yeast should I switch to? Or should I just be using less yeast and giving it a longer rise? 


Thank you

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Bob S.

 You could try switching to active dry yeast, which contains more dead yeast cells. Use 50% more active dry yeast than instant yeast. Active dry yeast needs to be proofed first in warm water with sugar added.
If you want to stick with instant yeast, then adding deactivated yeast will give you a more yeasty bread without adding any leavening.