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10th bake, 12/02/19, Prairie Gold, Kamut, quinoa. GOOD!

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10th bake, 12/02/19, Prairie Gold, Kamut, quinoa. GOOD!

10th TFL bake. Dec. 2, 2019.

Goals: 1200 g boule, all but 30 g flour to be whole grain.  90% hydration, 2% salt, 10%  pre-fermented flour, levain at 100% hydration.  30 g store-bought quinoa flour for flavor, 30 g King Arthur All Purpose flour for helping with crumb stucture, 100 g coarse home-milled Kamut, the rest coarse home-milled Prairie Gold Hard White Spring Wheat. Levain to be mostly Prairie Gold, based on Carl's 1847 Oregon Trail Sourdough culture.  Use 1/8 of a tablet of 500 mg vitamin C ~ 62.5 mg vit C, which worked out to 100 parts-per-million of the flour, about 3 times what is called for, but I was too lazy to sub-divide the tablet further.

Levain was fed yesterday, and again today.  It orignally was a mish mash of flours, but these two feedings were home-milled PG only.  I was pressed for time, so I added 1/2 tsp of dry malt extract (maltose) to the levain when I last fed it, in order to hurry it along.

1200 g / 1.92 = 625 g flour.  -  - -   625 * .90 = 562 g water.

625 * .10 = 62.5 g flour in levain,  so also 62.5 g water in levain.  Total levain at 100% hyd = 125 g.

625 * .02 = 12.5 g salt.

625 g total flour - 62 g flour in levain = 563 flour to mix.

562 g total water - 62 g water in levain = 500 g water to mix.  minus 15 g hold back #1 , minus 30 g holdback #2 = 455 g water.

563 g flour to mix - 30 g quinoa flour - 30 g KA AP flour - 100 g Kamut flour = 403 g Prairie Gold.

11:58 am: Mix: 403 g PG, 100 g Kamut, 1/8 tablet vit C, 455 g cheap bottled spring water.  Let the coarse milled grain soak 1 hour 35 minutes.

1:33 pm: Fold in: 30 g store-bought quinoa flour, 30 g KA AP flour, 125 g room temp levain, 15 g hold back water #1.

2:22 pm: Fold in: 12.5 gr salt, 30 g hold back water #2.

3:06 pm: Stretch and fold.  Then left to go shopping.

4:46 pm: Stretch and fold.

5:35 pm: fold, shape, put in dusted lined round banneton, 8" inner diameter at rim.  Used rice flour, KA AP, and BRM WW pastry for dusting,

5:46 pm: the boule was near proofed at fold/shape stage, it was a fast ferment, so I put it in fridge covered in plastic grocery bag.

6:51 pm: pre-heated oven to 495/475* F.

7:30 pm: Lightly oiiled the inside bottom of the deep part of a Lodge 3.2 qt combo cooker.  Sprinkled corn meal on the oil. Sprinkled and lightly rubbed corn meal on the up side (seam side) of the boule in the banneton.  Covered the boule (still in the  banneton) with an 8" diameter circle of parchment paper.  Inverted the oil/cornmeal coated pot over the banneton, and then flipped them over, dumping the boule into the pot.  Scored the boule with a razor blade, first a circle around the circumference as close as I could get to the side of the pot. Then scored  an X on top.

7:32 pm: bake, covered at 495/475* F for 5 min.  The rack below the rack holding the combo cooker has a baking stone to shield cooker from direct radiant heat of the oven's bottom heating element.  Both the baking stone and the combo cooker were pre-heated.

7:37 pm: reduce thermostst to 475/455* F, continue baking for 10 minutes. Pot still covered with skillet/lid.

7:47 pm: reduce thermostat to 430/410* F, continue baking for 15 minutes, Pot still covered,

8:02 pm:  Reduce thermostat to 400/380* F, remove cover. Baked for 41 minutes more.

8:43 pm:  Top of loaf looked done, so I decided to check internal temp of loaf.  210 F, perfect!  

Total bake time: 71 minutes.

Got oven spring on  both the circumferential score, and both legs of the X.  Looks nice!  The expanded sections  in the opened score lines have that rough, brown and delicious look.  Will post photos when I get a new computer.

Gonna wait until tomorrow to cut open.  Looks so good I called a neighbor-friend to show it off, but he was not available.

I let it cool upside down for two hours, covered only with a paper towel, then I put it to bed overnight in a 1 gallon zipper seal plastic bag, propped up so the loaf was on its side.  The 1200 g (weight of raw WW dough) baked in the deep part of 3.2 qt combo cooker, with 8" internal bottom diameter, makes the maximum size loaf to fit uncut into the 1 gallon plastic storage bag.


* First number is thermostat setting, second number is actual temp according to a cheapy oven thermometer.



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Dec 3, 2019.

AM: The loaf spent overnight in a sealed plastic bag.  The moisture that appeared on the inside of the bag last night had been re-absorbed into the crust by morning.  The crust was nicely soft.

 I cut it open approximatley 13 hours after removing it from the oven. The crumb was a tad moist.  The taste was bland, very unimpressive.  The crumb is still not "Instagram worthy", but it's actually good for a 95% whole grain loaf.

PM: Approximately 19 hours after taking it out of the oven, the taste had markedly improved!    I just need to remember to be more patient.

Note to self: Wait 20 hours before cutting open.

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