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Parker House Rolls - dough didn't rise

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Parker House Rolls - dough didn't rise

Hello everyone, hope this is the right place. 

I attempted to make the below Parker House rolls yesterday. It's an enriched dough with butter, sugar, eggs and milk.

I've made them before following the recipe exactly with no issue. This time, I doubled the recipe exactly (short a little bit of instant yeast because I ran out) and left the dough in the fridge to prove for 12 hours instead of a room temperature prove for 2 hours. The dough looked and felt OK when I put it in. It had not risen at all when I took it out and there was no yeasty smell. 

I'm wondering what I might have done wrong. Possibly the recipe didn't scale up and I need to adjust the ingredients, or I proved at too cold of a temperature. I've never attempted a fridge prove before. 

Thanks for any advice!


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Two questions/comments:


1)  Is your instant yeast still good? It's possible it is too old and stopped working.

2) When I do a cold bulk ferment in the fridge for sourdough, my dough often doesn't grow much if at all because the fridge is very cold. Your fridge could be too cold for a rise.

Can you leave the dough out at room temp now and see what happens? That would be my recommendation. Leave it on the counter and see if it becomes puffy, then bake. Good luck!

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Too late now (this was last night and I threw it away), but thanks for the advice! The last time I used the yeast was three weeks ago and it worked OK. 

I think you're probably correct about the fridge being too cold. It takes a pretty long time to thaw meat in the fridge whenever we need to. Maybe I can try turning up the temperature next time.