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08th bake, 11/11/2019. HWSW, Kamut, Chia & Vit C.

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08th bake, 11/11/2019. HWSW, Kamut, Chia & Vit C.

1:?? pm.  Initial mix, no measuring, just by eye. Prairie Gold, Kamut, ground chia seed, 1/10th of a 500 mg vitamin C tablet, no salt yet.  About 1.5 hours autolyse.

3:05 pm. Added 160 g of 100% hydration levain. Still no salt.

3:45 pm. Stretch and fold.

4:05 pm. Folded in 11 g pink Himalayan salt.

6:08 pm. Folded, dusted, put in lined banneton.   About 3 hours bulk ferment: 3:05 - 6:08 pm. 1233 g final weight, 2.72 pounds.

8:19 pm. Pre-heat oven to *495/475 F.   Also pre-heat the Lodge 3.2 qt combo cooker.

6:08 - 9:06 = about 3 hours final proof.

9:06 pm. Bake covered at 475/455.   15 minutes.  Put dough in pot part, with skillet as lid, scored.

9:21 pm. Still covered, lower oven temperature to 420/400. 15 minutes.

9:36 pm. Uncover, set temp to 400/380.  25 minutes.

10:01 pm. Take temp: 210 F. Done!  Thumps nicely.

Final weight: 1103 g.  2.43 pounds.

Total bake time: 55 minutes.   * =  First number  is oven setting, second number is actual temp.

Let sit overnight in a paper grocery bag.


About 8:00 am, cut open.  Not as much rise as I had hoped for.  I probably did not let the starter develop enough after feeding, or should have used more starter.  Crumb is tender, just the right amount of sponginess, not too dense. Plenty of small holes,

Approximately 50 mg of vitamin C worked fine.