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06th bake. 5 min/day style. SOTSOT.

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06th bake. 5 min/day style. SOTSOT.

This is a batch of wet dough from which I usually make 4 to 5 flat breads.  Tip o' the hat to Jeffrey Hertzberg and Zoe Francois:

I bake these on a cast iron griddle or pan or skillet in my toaster oven.  Either a Lodge 9.25" round handle-less serving-griddle/plate, or a Lodge 10.25" cast iron pan with 2 loop handles which fits diagonally, or a Lodge 8" cast iron skillet with a regular long handle.  I use the 10.25" pan or 8" skillet if I want to cover it with aluminum foil, which I sometimes do when baking a thick flatbread, such as bannock.

I mixed this in the 4 liter plastic tub which will be stored in the fridge.

  • 200 g coarse home-milled Prairie Gold, HWSW.
  • 50 g coarse home-milled Kamut.
  • 32 g whole wheat pastry flour, Bob's Red Mill.
  • 52 g brown rice flour, whole grain, Bob's Red Mill.
  • 25 g coconut flour.
  • 22 g tapioca flour/starch, finely ground, Bob's Red Mill.
  • 32 g coarse home-ground yellow millet, purchased whole, either Bob's Red Mill, or bulk bin at Market District (Giant Eagle).
  • 30 g coarse home-ground flaxseed. From a bulk bin at Fresh Thyme.

443 g total, if I added right,

1/2 tsp of Guar Gum.

2 tsp of instant yeast.

8.9 g hickory smoked salt.  2% of 443.

386 g water, but I added more later.  I neglected to weigh the water that I added later, but the total would be at least 90% hydration, likely more. You need enough moisture to keep from forming a dry skin on the dough mass when it's in the fridge for a few days.

To bake, I pull out a handful of dough, and stretch/form it out by hand to a 7" to 9" circle, depending on what I want in terms of size, and what baking vessel I'll use.  Sometimes I cook it right away, sometimes I'll let it come up to room temp, sometimes I'll let it proof until mealtime. 

Baking temp is 400 F.  375 or 350F for thicker breads.  I use both top and bottom elements (TOAST) setting to  pre-heat the toaster oven, but then select only the bottom element (BAKE) for the bake.

I have only one rack for the oven, but there are two rack positions available. I bake it on the upper rack.  It's a cheapy Ambiano brand from Aldi.

The heating elements have aluminim guards on them.  I place a 9" round cordierite baking stone directly on the guards over the lower elements so that the baking vessel does not get much direct radiant heat.  WIthout the baking stone for "shade", the bottom of the bread browns up too fast and too dark.

It takes about 14 minutes per side, 28 minutes total.  

I tasted too much guar gum in this batch.  Either that or the hickory smoked salt doesn't bake well.