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Is there any malted millet flour or sorghum?

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Angelica Nelson

Is there any malted millet flour or sorghum?

I used to boost some bread recipes with malted barley flour, but now that I'm Celiac I can't do that.  I wonder if there's any malted millet or sorghum around?  I hear they are used in brewing gluten free beer.  I can sprout the grains, but it's a hassle so I thought I'd ask. Thank you!

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i can't speak to millet or sorghum, but how about bean, oats or buckwheat, and sprout your own?

I've heard of people making their own bean sprouts, but I don't know what kind of beans are used.

You can get whole oat groats and whole unhulled buckwheat at

They don't mention whether the oat groats can be sprouted, but they say the buckwheat can be.


I just searched for:  sprouted gf flour

on amazon, and sprouted buckwheat flour, sprouted brown rice flour, and a sprouted GF blend came up.  It's expensive, but I suppose you don't need to use 100% sprouted flour, just a small percentage, to innoculate your GF dough with enough amylase.


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Angelica Nelson

Thank you for looking, but the sprouted flours you see on amazon aren't certified GF, or even claimed to be GF.  I think they're targeted at the Raw Food crowd instead of the Celiac crowd.  Generally if the same company has gluten flour and they do NOT specify that they batch test for gluten in the GF flour, then it's not appropriate for someone with an illness.  People with a preference may use it though. A bit tricky. I appreciate your looking though.

Like I said I can sprout but it's a hassle so I'm wondering who if anyone has a GF brewery maybe and sells the malted millet or sorghum used. (Similar to the way malted barley is sold.)

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Gluten Free Home Brewing offers millet, rice, and buckwheat malts. 

Grouse Malthouse offers millet, buckwheat, and corn malts. 

While I didn’t come across a supplier of sorghum malt, I did find this cautionary article from a home brewer who malted his own sorghum.  

I hope this gives you some options to consider.  



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Angelica Nelson

Thank you I'll check those out! Looks like some good options there.