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04th bake. 100% whole grain. No Kamut.

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04th bake. 100% whole grain. No Kamut.

Friday, Oct 25, 2019.

7:33 pm. Mixed 650 g of home-milled Prairie Gold flour, hard white spring wheat, 36 gram unrefined granulated cane sugar, 559 g bottled spring water. 86% hydration so far.

8:30 pm. Folded in 10 g home-milled malt flour (purchased malted wheat berries from a brewer's supply), and 27 g of Bob's Red Mill Dark whole-grain rye flour. Total flour so far: 687 g.  81.36% hydration so far.

Autolyse time: 1 hour. (7:33 pm to 8:33 pm.)

8:33 pm. added 194 g of 100% hydration starter. (97 + 97)  Flour in starter is a mix of whole wheat pastry, whole grain rye, and Prairie Gold.  Total flour: 784 g. Total water: 656 g.  83.67% hydration so far.

9:45 pm.  Stretch and fold.

9:47 pm. Folded in 14.9 g Himalayan salt, dissolved in 14.5 g water. Total water: 670.5 g.

Final hydration: 85.52%.    --- Total weight: 1469.4 g = 3.2 pounds.

Percent Prefermented Flour:  97 / 784 = 12.37%.   Miscalculated a bit. I was intending to get 14%.

10:22 pm. Stretch and fold.

10:55 pm.  Fold, shape, dust with whole wheat pastry flour and white rice flour, put in banneton, put in fridge.

Bulk ferment time: 2 hours, 22 minutes.  (8:33 pm to 10:55 pm.)

Sat, Oct 26, 2019.

8:06 am. Take out of fridge, to warm up. 9 hours, 11 minutes cold ferment.  

9:34 am set oven to 470/450 F.  (First number is oven setting, second number adjusts -20 degrees for actual.)

10:22 am. Put in combo cooker, in pot part as base, score, put in oven covered, 450/430 F. 15 min.

Additonal warm-up/ferment: 2 hours 16 minutes.   In hindsight, should have left in fridge, and started oven warm up at 8:06 am.

10:37 am. Still covered. 430/410 F.  15 min.

10:52 am. Uncover. 400/380 F.  52 min.

11:44 am.  Take out. Internal temp 208.9 F. Close enough. Total bake time: 82 minutes.

Got just a little oven spring. Not as much as previous bake.  But it tasted better. Even though hydration was a little less, it was just as moist. The sugar apparently helped the taste and maybe helped to retain moisture.

Next time: more malt flour, more autolyse, less final ferment, no warm-up.




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The 10g of malt against 774g of flour (note that I’ve backed out the malt from the total) is about 1.3%.  Recommended diastatic malt percentages are usually closer to 0.5%.  Excessive diastatic malt can lead to gummy crumb in bread.  Whole wheat flours generally require no additional diastatic malt because there are already ample enzymes in the flour.  All of that to say that adding more malt isn’t likely to improve your bread.  

If the malt is nondiastatic, then you're just adding sugar (maltose) and flavoring.  

Have fun experimenting.  Take lots of notes.  That will make it easier to spot cause and effect relationships.  So will making just one change at a time. 


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Thank you. I wasn't sure what the recommended standard was.  I just wanted some extra sweetness.  And to speed up fermentation. But it was too much fermentation, and didn't get much oven spring.

It was home-milled from malted wheat (diastatic, not roasted) whole berry, that I got from a brewer supply.