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Couple of Tips I Learned

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Couple of Tips I Learned

Here are couple things that might make life easier for you when baking.

1.  I began using a small, hand-held mixer with one beater (wire type) removed to mix the added flour and water when feeding my SD starter.  It's easy and quick (~30 seconds) for incorporating the added ingredients, especially for breaking up the dry flour balls.

2.  When I use a banneton for proofing, I typically line it with parchment paper instead of flour.  Cut a square of adequate size first,  To make it easy to form and not pop up our of the basket, I wet it with water first in the kitchen sink for a few moments.  Then press the soft paper into the basket and form it, making the necessary folds and creases.  It will hold its shape.  Let it dry for 30-45 minutes and it's ready to go.  After it's dry, it can actually be removed from the basket and it will hold its shape like thin shell.