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Question on sourdough rolls

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Question on sourdough rolls

I feel like this is a silly question so please excuse me, but is there any reason I can't just take a sourdough bread recipe that I like and shape into rolls instead of a loaf? I thought it might be nice to make sourdough fruit/nut rolls for Thanksgiving.

I'm okay with them being a bit less crusty, so I was thinking I'd just bake them on a large cast iron griddle in the oven with a tray of water underneath for 25 minutes or so. Any tips are appreciated!

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Anne Ng

Yes it is possible to make sourdough rolls instead of loafs, and I usually add in some commercial yeast (about 0.1-0.25% of dry flour weight works really well for me) to boost its proofing and to decrease its acidity.

Or you can try do a overnight proof in the fridge if you have place for all of them shaped, I have never tried that tho. Let me know the outcomes if you are trying this! 

I use the cookie sheet with hot towels method to generate steam. 

Happy baking!