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What is your starter flavour profile?

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What is your starter flavour profile?

Mine = Apricots 

My starter has morphed with the new batch of flour and now not only smells like apricots, the breads, batters and waffles taste of apricots (fresh not dried apricots).

It has very low acidity and is quite sweat. In fact the after taste is like you have eaten fruit loaf.



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Grassy. It is a rye starter, and I like the sort of vegetal quality.  Over time, though, it got MUCH stronger and my breads started to taste soapy. Now I add spelt instead of more rye when I mix the levain and then 1 part spelt to 3 parts bread flour. Perfection.

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I run mine on Caputo Pizzeria at room temp in the sup-tropics.   She really is a hothouse flower and hates the fridge.

Caputo, mainly for pizza and when I use the discards for crumpets, if there is any char it is always a adds a delicious Napoletana pizza crust taste.

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Mine smells like sweet cherry wine or cherry liqueur, it's a very pleasant smell but it doesn't carry through to the bread, unfortunately 

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My rye starter smells like red wine. But my wheat starter is harder to describe as it smells like San Francisco sourdough bread to me.

ETA: I got to my wheat starter a little late today (I keep it on the counter) and it had more of a white wine smell. So I guess it depends on how ripe it is. I remember having a starter that smelled like beer for a while.