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03rd bake. more autolyse, more starter, less Kamut. GOOD!

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03rd bake. more autolyse, more starter, less Kamut. GOOD!

Mon Oct 21, 2019.  

I've previously done 40% Kamut, then 33% Kamut, now this is 25% Kamut in relation to Prairie Gold (HWSW), in hopes of better gluten development.  Kamut has more protein, and can be used for 100% loaves, but it's like durum, it's not going to easily be a fluffy yeasted loaf.

525 g Prairie Gold hard white spring wheat (HWSW), home-milled, coarse.

175 g Kamut, home-milled, coarse.

7 g malt flour, home ground Briess malted white wheat from a brewer's supply. So sugar doesn't run out for yeast, for a good oven rise.

25 g dark rye flour, Bob's Red Mill, again so sugar doesn't run out for a good oven spring.

20 g BRM whole wheat pastry flour. I forgot why I added this.

752 g flour ao far.

653 g bottle spring water.  86.8% Hydration so far.  Mixed in stainless steel bowl  at 9:47 am. Start autolyse in oven, about 80 F.

10:20 am. stretch and fold.  11:18 am. S&F.    12:17 pm. S&F.  

12:18 pm S&F.   12:49 pm. S&F.  1:45 pm. S&F.

1:52 pm. Added and folded in 200 g of 100% hydration Starter. No salt yet. 

Flour now = 852g. Water now = 753g. ==> 88.38% Hydration.  

--- Percent Prefermented Flour, PPF, 100 / 852 = 11.7 %. 

Starter is a mish mash of Whole Wheat Pastry flour, Rye flour, home-milled Prairie Gold, and white rice flour.  Culture came from Carl's Oregon Trail starter,

2:44 pm. Now feels like dough!  Folded in salt with some water. 14.5 g Himalayan salt (1.7%), dissolved in 12.5 g water.  Dough now got stiffer with the salt in it. I could feel it change right there.

Total weight = 852 + 753 + 14.5 salt + 12.5 water = 1632 g.  3.59 pounds.

Final hydration = 89.8%.

3:52 pm. S&F.  4:30 pm. S&F.  5:05 pm. S&F.  5:34 pm. S&F.  

6:07 pm.  Fold and shape, dusted with BRM Whole Wheat Pastry flour, because I ran out of AP flour, and my home-mlled stuff  is too coarse.  Put it  in a banneton lined with a towel dusted with white rice flour. One hour Final Ferment in oven at about 80F.

7:07 pm take out of oven, in order to pre-heat oven,  finger test, looks ready, but still  need to preheat oven.  I didn't think it would be ready so fast. Must be the rye and malt flour in mix, and rye in the starter.  Put banneton in fridge. 

7:08 pm Preheating oven at 495/475F.  The first number is oven setting, second number is adjusted/actual temp, as oven is 20 degrees cooler than thermostat, according to thermometer.  This notation allows me to not get confused "Did I write down thermostat setting, or adjusted temp?"

Also pre-heating the Lodge 3.2 qt combo-cooker, and a 14.5" baking stone on the rack underneath the combo-cooker's rack.

 8:04 pm.  Insulated inner bottom of lid/skillet with corn meal, parchment paper cut into 9" circle on top of corn meal, and more corn meal on top of parchment paper.  Inner bottom diameter of lid/skillet is 9".

Load.  Oops. Deflated dough when I inverted banneton into off hand. Should have used something else. Lesson learned.  Scored top with bare razor blade, no lame.

8:06 pm.  Bake covered at 475/455 F. The deep pot part of the combo is the "hat".  Baking stone is shielding the combo-cooker from direct radiant heat of lower oven element.  10 minutes.

8:16 pm.  Continue baking, covered. 450/430 F.  25 minutes.

8:41 pm. Uncover. We have lift-off!  Oven spring!   Even though I accidentally deflated it.  Not enough spring to be Instagram-worthy, but best result so far.  Lower oven setting to 420/400 F.   16 minutes.

8:57 pm. Still uncovered. Lowered oven to 400/380 F.  27 Minutes.

9:30 pm. Take out. Total time 1 hr, 24 min.  Inner temp 208.6 F.    Would like a higher inner temp, but 84 min is enough.

Final loaf weight: 1364 g = 3.00 pounds.

Now if I can just resist cutting into this until tomorrow morning.  Put in a paper grocery bag for overnight.

Tues, Oct 22, 2019.

8:45 am. Cut open.  Crumb is no better than last bake.  So my deduction is just that I got rise in the oven this time that previously happened in the final ferment.  Taste is not as good as previous two bakes at this time point. Maybe because ferments were shorter.  Crust still hard.  Cut off enough to fit the loaf in a 1 gallon plastic zipper bag.  Crumb is still plenty moist, so the crust will soften up in the sealed bag.  Taste usually improves by the 24 hour mark