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02nd bake. 100% whole grain

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02nd bake. 100% whole grain

The big lesson I learned here was that it just takes autolyse time for coarse ground home-milled whole wheat to absorb the water  and make gluten.

I let the 440 g of hard white  spring wheat, 220 g of Kamut, and 25 g coarse ground millet, autolyse for 3 hours. About 86% hydration. It was still a bit like wet sand after 3 hours.

Then folded in the 141 g of 100% hydration levain, but not salt.

Let sit 30 minutes, then one set of stretch and folds.

Let sit 30 minutes, then went to fold in salt,  and lo-and-behold, it was now DOUGH!  No more "wet sand!"


My milling method is this: Weigh out 8 oz of raw berries in quart sized plastic bags: 3 pounds of HWSW (Prairie Gold), and 1.5 pounds of Kamut.

Run the 1/2 pound mini-batches through a hand crank Shule grain mill that "cracks" it.

Store the bags in the fridge to cool them down so they don't over-heat in the next step.

Mill the 8 oz cracked wheat in the Vitamix blender (regular blade, not the dry grain container) for 30 seconds, 20 of which are high speed.  Put baggie back in fridge to cool.

When mixed with water, this coarse grind makes what I call "wet sand."  But with hydration and time, it smooths out.  

Now I know it takes 4 hours to totally smooth out like "dough" instead of sand.

This loaf came out of the oven with real air pockets, not a "foam" style crumb, as my previous 100% whole grain loaves.



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I let it cool 2 hours before cutting open, and tasting.

I messed up the salt and put in too little.  Could have used a little bit of  flavor-flours like a little  rye, maybe a touch of  amaranth flour.

12 hours after baking, tasted better. After 24 hours it tasted even better.

Well, that's what they say about large miches.    This was 3.1 pounds of dough going in the oven.  I forgot to weigh it before cutting it open.