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Over developed gluten

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Over developed gluten

I’m in charge of making cinnamon rolls at work. Had my first issue with them yesterday. First thing was the flour. It arrived full of chunks probably getting wet at some point but still shipped. I saw this after the first batch was made and sifted the second batch. 

Im working with a 30 qt mixer and finally had a lightbulb moment that a double recipe would fit nicely and would save time. I didn’t want to overwork the dough so I kept the mixing time the same as a single batch but did bump up the speed which did crest more friction and heat and I’m sure overdeveloped the dough. The dough rose more quickly than usual. The. they turned out dense and hard. A clear sign of over development. I didn’t check dough temperature but will in the next batch. 


Mid there any way to save over developed dough? I have two recipes I put in the fridge to deal with today.