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Starter slowed down

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Starter slowed down

Hey everyone! 

I haven’t been able to bake in the past two months and my starter has been living in the freezer or fridge - obviously it’s not in the best condition right now, it’s very slow. How would you recommend I revive it? 
I took it out of the fridge but it still takes about 30h for it to double in size. Should I feed it before it is at it’s peak? 

Thank you!

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Mini Oven

then go ahead and give it a feeding.  Feed a spoonful of starter just enough water and flour so that it tastes like wet flour.  Then let it peak before feeding again.  Be sure to keep the temps around 76°F or 25°C

if it doesn't taste sour, leave it alone but keep it warm for another day eventually adding a little flour and water without discarding until you see some action.