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Is there some sort of rye flour shortage?

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Is there some sort of rye flour shortage?

I use very little rye in my baking but have come down to the last pound or so in the 5lb bag of Hodgson Mill that I bought at our local Walmart. They have none on the shelves and when I check the WM website the only 5lb on offer is selling for $51.20 with free shipping. That's 10x what I paid last time! The Hodgson Mill website shows it sold out and it has been like that for weeks. I can still find Bob's for about $4.00 for 22 ounces but I hate to over pay.

Anybody else having this problem?




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The Roadside Pi...

The local supermarkets have been out. Last weekend I got the last 4 lb. bag at whole foods.

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I can buy  50 lbs from my food vendor for $30. I would guess maybe it is an in house problem with Hodgson mill maybe.

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I get organic rye berries from a farmer that sells certified organic rye seed and grind my own rye flour with my NutriMill grain mill.  I pay about 50 cents a pound for my rye berries.

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Harold L.

I had the same problem and even the H Mill site indicated they were out of stock on Rye so I called their customer service line.  They said Hodgson's Mill had been sold and shortly before the sale completed they stopped milling Rye.   She went on to say they will start milling Rye again shortly and expect it to be back in the stores by the end of the month or early October.  Whew!!! 

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...with a downside for the employees in Effingham as the article cited by clazar123 notes. Thanks to Harold for following up.

I did order two 20-ounce bags of Arrowhead Mills rye on Amazon so I should be okay until the Hodgson product shows up in my local stores.


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HERE is the local newspaper article. I never knew they were located in Illinois! I hope they continue to produce rye flour as they were my only source of rye available off the shelf at local stores.

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Here are  5 and 25 pound bags online:   Rye flour, organic:

US $5 for 5 pounds, $18.75 for 25 pounds.


organic whole rye Berries:

prices do not include shipping from Pullman, MI.

See their private truck delivery links at


for  info on bulk/group orders.   You might be in their private delivery area, if you live in certain Midwest states.


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This week I went shopping for rye flour and couldn’t find it at Walmart, Kroger, Meier, Whole Foods or Busch’s—my local supermarkets in metro Detroit. I was able to get small bags at my local upscale market. I think this is more than a Hodgson’s Mill issue. I DID find a lot of gluten-free flours and wonder if rye isn’t as popular right now to sell. Sad☹️