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New Starter

First time posting, second time beginning my own starter. 

About two weeks ago, I mixed everything up for the first time. I followed the generally accepted instructions (feed 100% hydration once a day for the first few days, then twice a day onwards, with a few feedings missed here and there). 

It's rising and definitely gives the appearance of my last starter (bubbles in the glass jar, webbed, floats) but before using I wanted to check on three issues I'm running into...

1: it isn't nearly as aromatic as my last starter. is this something that's built up over time? It definitely smells yeasty, but it is still a little flour-y

2: it's taking about 24 hours to peak which is odd. I'm feeding at 20-25% inoculation and it's summer (so the house is at ~75F for 12 hours of the day and then at ~68F for the other 12 hours). My last starter was in San Francisco so it was always cool and the starter generally peaked around 12 hours at 20% inoc. 

3: there are slightly darker spots on top of the starter which, during my first starter, i attributed to mold. but now i think since i'm using half white/half whole wheat, that's just differences in the flour pigmentation.

Could any of these be due to my using freshly milled WW flour in San Francisco (probably milled within the week)?

Any other ideas? My standing assumption is that if it floats, we're good, but I'm curious as to the other signs of ill health. 

Thanks for any insight!

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Sounds good to me.  The proof is n the bread.  Try it.



P. S.   After you are sure this starter is good, then spread some out on a piece of parchment paper and let it dry at room temperature.  After it is dry, break it up and place it in a Zip Lock Bag and store ti in the refrigerator as a back-up in case something happens to your liquid starter.