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Starter volume

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Starter volume

Hi everyone. This is my first post here. I’ve been reading for a while now. 

I just got back into making sourdough loafs after a few a few years of not baking much. I’ve made successful loaves for the last four months or so. I typically mix my levain by weight for a final weight of 225g for a 100% hydration starter. I have done this every three or four days in the last four months and typically it is about half of my mason jar. Today I go to mix it by weight the the volume looks about double. Confused if I got distracted and added too much flour or something, I grabbed an empty jar and reweighed my starter. It’s the weight it’s supposed to be, just double the volume. 

Anyone have this happen before?

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Abe (not verified)

How do you use your starter in your final dough? Do you...

A: feed your starter and use it in the final dough?

B: Add an additional stage between starter and dough? Take some starter, build an off-shoot preferment and use that in your dough?

So you've gotten a bit mixed up and not entirely sure where your starter is ta now. Not to worry. If the amount of starter in your dough or preferment isn't a high percentage then the difference will be small. If it's quite a high percentage then you'll have to go by feel a bit until your get your starter back to how you like it. Just continue from here on in to feed as you have been doing up till now and it should balance itself out.