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Sifted Whole Wheat Sourdough Miche

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Sifted Whole Wheat Sourdough Miche

It might be a bit pretentious (or presumptious) for me to post this here in the 'Artisan' section but the recipe is inspired by a lot of the great recipes and methods I've been reading here from the likes of Jmonkey, Bill (Bwraith) and many others as well as what I have learned from BBA.

Anyway, this is the result  which aside from the uneven crust (total gaff on my part trying to operate oven, adding water for steam and sliding dough off baking sheet at the same time)...this has been the best bread I think I've made yet.  Definitely one I'm going to make again and has opened my eyes to whole wheat.

I think adding some grains or perhaps a little rye flour to the soaker could give some great variations too.

FWIW this is the second incarnation of the recipe.  The first used unsifted wholewheat + rye combination which yielded neither the same texture nor taste and frankly I didn't enjoy at all.


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Hi, FP. 

Doesn't it feel great when it all seems to fall into place? What did the crumb look like? Were you happy with the taste? 

I've been using first clear flour for miches. I haven't tried sifted WW flour but probably should, just to compare. 


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Definitely happy with the crumb and taste.

 I'm not sure where to find clear flour...I suspect I will have to order it specially in the UK. My understanding is that it has a higher ash content than patent flour and is great for mixing with rye to make non-100% rye breads...and um that's about it....I know I've read about it in BBA, I will look it up again.

Sifted WW flour is not unlike the flour used in 'brown bread' (I've seen brown bread flour for sale and from what I can gather it's about 90% idea how finely it's milled etc. etc)





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I'm very impressed! Your loaf looks lovely!!! I hope mine turns out half as well. I am on the hard-starter "biga" stage of a Polaine style loaf from BBA. Tomorrow I get to know the joy of kneading 3lbs of dough by hand as it won't fit in my KitchenAid.

I'm interested to see how your crumb with a soaker compares to mine (provided everything works out the way it should) without one. I have Reinhart's Whole Grain Breads but  haven't cracked it yet. I'm too busy working on BBA recipes and loving every minute of it.

Kudos for a fine loaf!!