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Combo Cooker Costco

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Combo Cooker Costco

Just an FYI for anyone looking for a Lodge combo cooker.  Our Costco store started stocking them this week.  The price is 29.99.  I paid 39.99 on Amazon for my first one.  I purchased a second  so I can try preheating them and baking two loaves at once.  My oven is quite large and summers are hot here.  Hope it works.   

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The Combo Cooker featured at my local Costco was the smaller -3.2 quart version,  not the roomy 6 quart.

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I thought the 3.2 was the recommended one.  I use mine all the time for my two loaf recipes.  6 qt would be huge.  What are others using?  

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David R

I'm not sure that one is better than the other - it depends on how much you put into it I guess. ?

You don't want the sides or the top to be so close that they're touching the bread, but I think you'll get better performance if you can bake with a fairly full pot. There are several ways to accomplish that - whatever works, right?

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The dutch oven I use to bake bread in is about 6 quart so I'd say the larger combo cooker around 6 quarts would be what you'd want.