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50% Whole Spelt Sourdough

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Esopus Spitzenburg

50% Whole Spelt Sourdough

Following up on my last blog post (from a while ago!), I've finally gotten around to making a 50% home-milled whole spelt sourdough, and I was very pleased with it. As has been my past experience with spelt breads, the bread tasted of whole grain, but less so than an equivalent 50% whole wheat loaf, and I find this milder taste more appealing.

As I do for most of my sourdough bakes, I generally followed dmsnyder's instructions for San Joaquin sourdough, albeit with different flours-- the aforementioned 50% whole spelt, and 50% high-gluten flour (Glicks brand).

I notice that the crumb is more open on the edges of this loaf. If I want to get the middle of the crumb to be just as open as the outside, is there any obvious change I should be making when shaping? I understand it may be hard to diagnose based on the picture alone.



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You should be so pleased.  I bet it's also delicious toasted. 

I hope some more experienced guru here will help w your question.



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and this is an amazing loaf and getting height with 50% spelt is no easy matter.

I am not sure that I can offer much help with the shaping but out of interest how did you shape the loaf? Kat

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Esopus Spitzenburg

I shaped it by sort of folding/cinching portions of the pre-shaped boule (divided into 6 - 8 imaginary sections) slightly overlapping one another, a bit like a dumpling (a technique I learned from Modernist Bread). Then I try to seal it as best I can by rolling the boule, seam side down, on my work surface. I can never seem to actually get a closed seam though-- it always opens a bit when I flip it into a brotform.