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"Special" add-ins

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David R

"Special" add-ins

Inspired by elsie_iu and the fish-cake bread.

Difficult/tricky/outrageous/"interesting"/"special" add-ins for bread. Mainly a fantasy challenge, mainly not to be taken seriously... but hey, if some brave souls actually try one of the wacky suggestions - or perhaps they even beat me to it and had done them already - then that's great.

Please feel free to add to the list, or to make whatever other comments.

The rules:

  1. Must actually be edible. 
  2. Must be baked inside the crumb of the bread, not a topping. 
  3. Rules 1, 2, and 3 shall be the only rules.
  • Oysters
  • Chunks of black licorice candy
  • Vegetable pieces (peas-and-carrots bread?) (sweet-potato cubes?) (etc)
  • Hot-dog chunks
  • ?
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I have made dried trout flakes (fish sauce/Thai marinade-optional) in the oven and then tossed them with dried Bears lime powder and kaffir lime leaf powder.  Finely minced green onion might go well as an add in too.

The seasoned fish flakes and gr onion  can be added in and incorporated into the dough during the last 2 s/fs of a sourdough (if you like the flavors).  I think an enriched sweet dough would be nicer.

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I have done a vegetable bread before the turned out well. Took my basic white bread and blended carrot, celery and onion in a robot coupe till fine then saute with butter. Added that to the mix after it cooled and adjusted my liquid to make up for it. It made a nice kind of savory breakfast toast also good for grilled cheese.

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These are some of my more unusual additions:

  • spicy granola
  •  bacon 
  • Gorgonzola 
  • Orange blossom water
  • earl grey tea
  • hemp hearts 
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David R

I've never done it

I have no idea whether it would work

What would happen if you put unpopped popcorn inside a loaf of bread, and then baked it? Temperature too cool so nothing would happen?

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Mini Oven

to flour after popping. Loaf tasted like popcorn.  :)

Edible greens, weeds from the garden...stinging nettles, clover, buttercups, roses, lavender, lawn daisies. Dandelions. 

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David R

Someone ground up popped popcorn, and it tasted like popcorn. Well I'll be. ?

I guess bread-baking temperature really isn't hot enough to cause corn to pop? ?

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Mini Oven

Elsie toasted the popcorn but didn't let it pop.  Then ground to a flour after making the corn aromatic.

You can try popping corn inside dough but not sure of your luck.  Also, after popping, should it pop. It will start to absorb moisture from the crumb and we all know what wet popcorn tastes like and its hardness.  Grinding on the other hand give new hope for folks who have given up eating popcorn due to seeds, choking  and/or dental work.

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David R

No please don't be sorry! This entire thread is meant to be non-serious and non-disciplined, just throwing wacky ideas around!

And being able to make bread that tastes like popcorn, without having to chew soggy popcorn blobs to get it, is actually valuable. ?