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Whole wheat sourdough raisin walnut chocolate buns.

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Whole wheat sourdough raisin walnut chocolate buns.

Hello Loafers. I'm still reading posts on this treasure trove and baking about a loaf a week even though I haven't posted in a while.

After trying some spectacular artisan breads all over Japan and some in Mexico City, of all places, I wanted to make what was my favourite. 

These are organic, hand-milled, mix of rye and red fife, 100% whole wheat sourdough buns with raisin walnut and some with 90% cacao dark chocolate too. The browner ones were baked in the DO, the lighter ones just in a pan in the oven, no steam.

About 12% fermented flour. I pre-soaked the raisins but next time will add the raisins straight to the dough (and adjust with more water) so the sweetness of the raisin water stays with the loaf. About 85% hydration and the dough was a bit sticky and tricky to shape. Only bowl folds for dough development (I normally SL&F my loaves). About 3 hour bulk ferment, couple hours in the fridge, couple hour proof and then bake at 485. I could probably work on the gluten development and drop the hydration a bit for a taller bun.

I left my starter untouched in the fridge for 2 months while travelling and was able to revive her with a few feeds.

Also, on a podcast, I heard Chad Robertson say he has made sourdough starters from scratch all over the world and the smells and the breads usually come out about the same. I thought that was interesting. 


Some pics:

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Nice looking loaves, glad you got your starter revived.